Demographic Data Challenges and Opportunities
O Laboratório de Demografia- CIDEHUS convida a academia a participar no workshop “Demographic Data Challenges and Opportunities”, no próximo dia 18 de Outubro.  Entrada livre e todos serão bem-vindos, relembrando que a demografia é ciência transversal e feita de pessoas, não só de números.


Workshop Objectives || Living in a data driven world, the demand for data is transversal to all research
fields and decision-makers and should not be neglected. For the fast-aging process of populations living
in developed countries, essentially explained by the declining number of newborns, and increasing
lifespan, studying detailed data is precious to understand how specific changes (e.g., advances in
medicine, economic changes, or pandemics) would shape the demographics of a country, starting form
a small-scale point of view. With this workshop, we intend to shed light into the urge of getting detailed
data for countries at subnational level and to achieve the main proposed goal, we first start with an
evolutionary geographical perspective about the Portuguese population, followed by a discussion about
the challenges of monitoring sub-national longevity and concluding with the possible opportunities
created by having this variety of detailed information for Portugal

De 18.10.2022 | 14:30 a 18.10.2022