Call for Papers
3rd International Congress for Young Researchers in Middle Ages

On 12, 13 and 14 November 2020, the 3rd International Congress for Young Researchers in Middle Ages (ICYRMA) will take place at the University of Évora, Portugal. 

ICYRMA is destinated to students at master, doctoral and postdoctoral level and/or to those who have obtained their academic degrees in the last five years. It aims to be an interdisciplinary space for dissemination, discussion and contact among young researchers who study the Middle Ages from various perspectives: history, archeology, art history, literature, philosophy, philology, anthropology, ethnology, sociology, geography, methodology, among other areas.

In this 3rd ICYRMA, the theme will be “DEATH”. We will ONLY accept proposals related to this theme. 


Each proposal must fall within one of the following thematic strands:

1 – Picturing Death: material and visual representations

2 – Narrating Death: historical and literary representations

3 – Ritualizing Death: from lay practices to official liturgy

4 – Beyond Death: specters, ghosts and the undead

5 – Avoiding Death: medical thought and practices before death

6 – Foreseeing Death: last wills, final demands and eschatology

7 – Remains of Death: bones, graves and graveyards

8 – The Cult of Death: relics and holy bodies

9 – Profiting from Death: markets and business

10 – Death and Law: to kill and to be killed

11 – Measuring Death: demographic and territorial analysis

12 – Researching Death: methodology and multidisciplinary approaches


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