8th Edition Awarding Research of Practical Utility
Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2017
Idea Contest

The 8th edition of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge has already started. Through the initiative, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS reward scientific investigation with “practical utility” in Portuguese Universities.

The Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge is an idea contest promoted by Fraunhofer AICOS with the objective of motivating and rewarding research of practical utility, through the attribution of a scientific prize to MSc/PhD Students and Researchers from Portuguese Universities in the areas of ICT, Multimedia and other related Sciences.

The Challenge consists in awarding the best ideas based on graduation theses that were developed having ‘Research of Practical Utility’ in mind. By this we mean ideas based on theses concepts that clearly demonstrate a concern with the direct applicability of its results in Industry.


From 10th April to 30th July

De 10.04.2017 a 30.07.2017
Fonte: Investigar